E-MILL – Revolutionary Energy Generator

Case Studies
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E-MILL is a hydropower generator. It was designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. With no permanent impact on river’s fauna and flora. To be easily installed and deinstalled. It’s arm can park it automatically on river’s bank. It is very versatile and comes with different sizes that enable to harness energy from almost any river, big and small.

The Solution

I was approached to help with the strategy, design and user experience. I also took care of the frontend development. The main focus of the promotional site was to explain this amazing device both to people without any knowledge of advanced physics or engineering and to investors and people from the industry.


The Final Good

E-MILL’s website is beautiful, responsive and designed to attract attention, inform about the device and show what can be powered by this revolutionary device. It also enables people to easily calculate the revenue and other essential metrics compared to other renewable sources of energy.