How it works


I dedicate some of my time to people and brands whose mission, principles and services/products really resonate with me. I never work for people, I work WITH people. If you are ready to follow your passion or help a greater cause, you are at the right place. If your goal is only the money without any responsibility about the product or its users, you are not.

The Process

Once you and I agree we are a good match, we discuss what is best for you (also regarding your budget). Then you choose your plan and we sign an electronic contract (that is here to protect you and me as well), you provide the payment along with your answers to my questions.

3 hours consultations are designed to:

  • understand your problem/challenge
  • talk 1 on 1 on Skype if necessary
  • come up with best solution and strategy

During the process, you follow my recommendation regarding the theme or you choose a theme from Themeforest.net (the biggest marketplace with guranteed quality and support ) by yourself. I validate the quality (performance, code, SEO, credibility of the author etc.) and set up:

  • managed dedicated WP hosting
  • e-mail hosting (optional)
  • test and production environment
  • WordPress installation with the chosen theme
  • optimization (performance, speed, SEO, security, user roles and administration)
  • demo content and site structure
  • concrete example of recommended information architecture and layout
  • Trello help desk and management account (where we communicate and manage the project)

During the process I also coach you on effectivity and management that will ultimately help you to reach your goals faster and be generally more efficient.

Teal Swan - Help Desk - Trello


What you get

  • WP theme ($59 value)
  • deliverables according to the chosen plan (e.g. WP blog, website or e-shop)
  • first year of managed WP and e-mail hosting for free ($240 value per year)
  • 3 hours of free consultations (most valuable know how, directions and best practices for your business and monetization)
  • access to help desk and support (1 hour of monthly support/consultation is included in all managed monthly plans – $49 per month for WP maintenance and 30 minutes consultation – not included in the fixed price)
  • guaranteed website availability 99,9% under SLA, security and backups of your website**
  • all inclusive solution where you care only about your content and creations


What I get

  • the whole payment before we start  (electronic transaction in US dollars via Paypal or its equivalent in another currency)
  • appropriate cooperation and feedback during the process
  • a monthly payment for maintenance**

Managed WordPress Plans (optional)**

WordPress is an open source platform that requires continual integration and updates (security, stability, optimization) and that takes time and advanced technical knowledge. By default all plans comes with a monthly $49 fee for maintenance with 30 minutes of consultations included. It is designed to protect your website from hackers and malfunction. You can use consultations at your will.

This monthly plan is recommended but you can decide not to opt-in. If you do, I will hand over your blog, website or e-shop without any further responsibility for its functionality and security. I will bear only the responsibility for the webhosting and e-mail hosting – if you don’t by accident or purpose enable hackers to affect the server.


Do you offer some discounts or can the payment be divided into multiple payments?

I offer discounts or occasionally work for free only for non-profit customers that are directly chosen by myself. I never lower my prices after I send a proposal. My work is guaranteed. In the event that you feel that I am not meeting the standards described herein, or based on our mutual conversations and agreements, I will refund your entire fee upon such notification.

What happens after the first year in which the web and e-mail hosting was included?

Our dedicated server is specifically optimized for WordPress websites and is fully comparable with plans from providers like WPENGINE, yet is money saving. 1 year of the webhosting costs $10 per month, the same amount for e-mail hosting. If you decide for using both options, it is $240 per year and the only thing you need to do at the end of the first year is to say that you want to prolong.

What availability of the website do you guarantee?

Our server provider guarantees us 99,9% availability under SLA. If you choose the Managed WordPress Plan, you won’t have to worry about anything, not even the amount of your visitors – which almost every other webhosting provider limits.

What if I decide to move my website?

I will guide you on how to migrate or provide you with the database and website data so you can smoothly migrate without a hassle. This service is not free and depends on the scale of your website.

How much data storage do the plans include?

Unlike big providers that hide this information and lie to you with “unlimited data” or limit you with your website visits, I am fully transparent about these numbers. If we do not agree otherwise, blog starts with 5GB, website or e-shop with 10GB (which is usually more than necessary). If you need more space in the future, it can be added. The price depends on the amount of the storage.

You can also have unlimited number of e-mails with the default storage 2GB (which is more than enough if people won’t send you things like videos or big data and use services like Dropbox or Google Drive).