Creating experience with a soul

Ladislav Šulc

In my career, I gained a lot of experience from top digital agencies in the Czech Republic. I have worked with great brands from automobile, healthcare, financial sector and many other industries. Then, disliking the corporate world and the way the people operate there, I have decided work for myself. I now help like-minded people to grow their business and also craft my own personal projects.

I love living and leading by example. I intend to continually improve people’s lives while having fun doing it. I am by nature an extremely curious being. Always seeking how to make things better.

I think that the most spiritual things are the mundane one. I treat people with the same respect no matter the position or a degree. In my life, I have learned the hard way (but my way), what means to be an entrepreneur and how self-love and doing what you love are absolutely essential. I also think that this world lacks authenticity. If people were more honest about how they feel, we would live in a totally different world.